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Working at ACTlytics: 'You can tangibly see the difference your work makes'

Are you passionate about applying mathematical methods? Do you also enjoy helping people who do not have a technical knowledge of logistics and planning? Then a job at ACTlytics in IJsselstein is just what you are looking for! Not only will you be working in the comfort of a great working atmosphere of a small team, you will also get to relax during the workday at our weekly padel session.

It is not all “hard work and no play” at ACTlytics! That name, ACTlytics, stands for analysis, change management, training, but also for action. All of our projects are of a logistical nature. “We do not supply software, but instead supply services to use existing software better and generate more value from it,” explains operational director Robbert van de Weerd. “Doing things this way ensures we do not just write an advice, but are also helping with its implementation, so that a report does not end up collecting dust on the bottom shelf.”

ACTlytics recently helped a large telecom company that provides on-site technicians to resolve problems and install new internet connections. Lately the company noticed the technicians were able to visit fewer customers than planned. “We decided to ride along with the technicians to experience first-hand what they encountered on a typical workday. It turned out that a technician had left the company, but that in that specific case it was vital for the technician to start his workday from his home address. The necessary changes to the schedule just never had been made. By changing just a few parameters a problem like that can be resolved”.


Passion for applying mathematics
ACTlytics is looking for graduates, starters or people with a few years of experience. A passion for applying mathematical methods is an advantage, but you must also enjoy helping people who do not have the technical knowledge of logistics and planning. “We are looking for people who enjoy explaining our customers what the possibilities are who enjoy being involved in practical implementation of the results. You can tangibly see the difference your work makes.”

“We are looking for colleagues with a degree (or in the process of graduating) in Business Analytics or Operations Research. Experience with mathematical models is a big plus. At ACTlytics you will get the opportunity to learn the trade by working on real projects. Communication skills or project-based work are not something you will learn in school, while working at ACTlytics you will be directly involved with customers and you will have a role in every phase of a project. That is how you will learn the most.”


There are eight of us at ACTlytics at the moment, but we are looking to expand our team. “We hold four core values dear: personal attention, quality through expertise, satisfaction and social responsibility. It is important that the team connects with each other. We therefore consciously choose not to grow indefinitely. Whatever you work on there will always be an experienced colleague around to ask questions. Time will be made available for external courses and on-the-job training. Every Monday at lunch we have a court available for a friendly game of padel and when we are in the office we have lunch together. Other activities during lunch include taking a walk or playing a game together.

Would you like to come and work with us, or graduate with us? Please visit our website and discover the possibilities. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed of the latest news. We would love to get in touch with you!

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