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About Us

Lustrum IX Committee 

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From left to right: Laurentien, Siebe, Emma, Rein, Marieke, Mylène, Elise, Stijn

Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves! We, Marieke, Elise, Emma, Rein, Laurentien and Stijn, and  coordinators Mylene and Siebe, are the lustrum committee of the 9th lustrum of Asset | Econometrics! 


We're the heartbeat behind the Lustrum celebrations. Comprising a fearless crew of econometric enthusiasts, number ninjas, and party planners extraordinaire, our mission is simple: to make every moment count and every memory unforgettable.

From brainstorming sessions to crafting events, we're the creative minds turning dreams into reality. We juggle numbers, ideas, and confetti with equal flair, ensuring that every lustrum milestone is not just marked but magnificently celebrated.


But who are we?


Marieke: She was already a member during the previous lustrum! Being actively part of all past 5 years gives her the experience we need to be our Chairman.


Elise: Up-to-date, dedicated and creative! What’s not to like about our Secretary and Promotion Officer.


Emma: This smartass found out she loves numbers and took a premaster to join our Econometrics community. A perfect fit we think to be our Treasurer!


Rein: The youngest but certainly not the least. Being fresh, open minded and in the middle of his student life, he knows the needs and what to ask from any recruiter. Meet our External Affairs!


Laurentien: Cheerful, chatty and well known within our association; that is what we needed for our second External Affairs! Laurentien is thé person to talk any company into joining our lustrum.


Stijn: He knows how to have fun! Full of energy and always ready to party we could not be happier with him to be our Activity Coordinator.


Mylène: She actually was part of the committee before she joined the board, but loved it so much that she couldn’t leave, we love that she is our coordinator now!


Siebe: As the newest member of the committee and the treasurer of the board, he makes sure that we are steady and secure that we have plenty of money for beer left!

Are you getting excited already, because we know we do! Join us celebrating the 9th lustrum of Asset | Econometrics!

Meet The Lustrum Committee

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